Effort to build a new countryside

Being the first locality in the province to be recognized as a "cultural commune", thanks to that, Nghia Lam has a solid foundation for building new rural areas. Mr. Le Van Bay - Nghia Lam Commune Party Committee Secretary, said: Three years ago, many commune and inter-village roads were narrow, the rainy season was muddy, but since the commune had advocated building a new countryside, Many households voluntarily join hands to contribute to the construction of these roads. As a result, more than 80% of commune and village roads (more than 16km) are expanded from 3-5m, creating a clean and beautiful landscape.
Nghia Lam commune leaders determined that the key of building cultural life and building new rural areas is still to make the material and spiritual life of the people better. Since then, the commune has concentrated many solutions to increase household incomes, invest in infrastructure for the locality. That is, bringing valuable fruit trees to planting, transferring science and technology to farmers; forming many breeding models. Poor households are given priority to access preferential loans. The commune Steering Committee for Poverty Alleviation assigns each mass organization to guide members of the poor and near-poor households how to do business to get out of poverty sustainably. Currently, the average income per capita is nearly VND 24 million / person / year. Nghia Lam is the commune with the lowest poverty rate in the district (about 4%).

Up to now, Nghia Lam has achieved 15/19 criteria of the National Criteria for NTM, becoming the locomotive in building NTM of Tu Nghia. Officials and people in the commune strive to reach 19/19 NTM criteria by June 2015 to become the first commune of Tu Nghia district to be recognized as a NTM commune.

Efforts to build NTM

Since the implementation of the new rural construction, the rural face of Tu Nghia has made positive changes, the village roads and alleys have been concreted and the fields have been renovated. Plows, harvesters, combine throwers and many civil works, production models, cultural institutions have created a new prosperity in many localities. However, the implementation process still faces many obstacles because the central government and the province only focus on investing in communes meeting 13 or more criteria, so the remaining communes have difficulty due to not allocating capital or allocating capital. negligible, affecting the progress of NTM construction in Tu Nghia. Therefore, entering 2015, the district continues to make more efforts to build NTM.

According to statistics, currently, the whole district has 3 communes meeting 15/19 NTM criteria including: Nghia Thuong, Nghia Hoa, Nghia Lam; six communes met 10 or more criteria and the remaining four communes met from 6 to 9 criteria. In the district, 3 communes meeting 15/19 criteria have to strive to be recognized as the newest NTM commune by December 2015. Nghia Lam Commune will be completed before June 2015 to celebrate the XXI District Party Congress.

Currently, the district has assigned specific to each member of the Steering Committee for building NTM. Each leader of the DPC must take care of 1-2 criteria. The criteria of any industry are assigned to the head of that department. “Taking approved NTM planning scheme as a premise; take production development as the root; taking the improvement of people's lives as a goal; taking benefits to people and communities as motivation; taking the consent and contribution of the resident community is the secret of success in successfully implementing the program of building new rural areas in the district ”, Mr. Huynh Chanh - Chairman of Tu Nghia District People's Committee affirmed.