Building a new countryside: When people are the subjects

Since the end of 2011, in response to the policy of concreting rural roads and inland roads, the land donation to serve the community benefits of many farmers in Tinh Chau commune has really become a voluntary movement. . The people of the villages have actively discussed and voluntarily contributed their workdays, voluntarily cleared the ground, adjusted the qualified roads to gradually improve rural transportation.
As a member of Tinh Chau Commune Farmers' Association, Mr. Ly Phuoc Kien (68 years old), Kim Loc hamlet fully understands the State's policy on agriculture-farmer-rural development, gradually improving the quality. farmer's life. Since the commune launched to expand and upgrade rural roads, many local households are still worried about clearance and compensation, Mr. Kien immediately analyzes and encourages people to voluntarily donate land to the project. quickly proceed, avoiding the situation of dust, rain and muddy rain, bringing mutual benefits to the village. For his part, although the family economy is still difficult, in response to the general policy of the local government, his family decided to donate nearly 100 m2 of land and 80m of fence walls to build roads. According to Mr. Kien, no words of advocacy and policy advocacy have been as effective as setting an example, leading the way, and so did the people respond.

Thinking like Mr. Kien, Mr. Nguyen Thuong of Phu Binh village also participated in donating 20m of fence and gate to build an inter-neighbor road. In addition, he is also an active member of the community to contribute workdays to build the route. Talking about his contribution, Mr. Thuong shared: "Building a new countryside is a big policy, the biggest purpose of the program is to change the face of the countryside and improve the lives of farmers. "Concreted rural roads will make our people more convenient in the process of agricultural production and travel."

By this time, Tinh Chau commune has reached 10/19 criteria. Every village has a good way to mobilize and propagate people to participate effectively. In order to build three inter-village roads, the people of Phu Binh and Kim Lap villages have contributed labor days, voluntarily donating land, fences and gates to accelerate the construction of rural roads in the locality. In the process of implementing the scheme of consolidating land plots, concreting rural roads, people voluntarily contributed nearly 1,500 m2 of land and more than 500m of fences and gateways with a total value of nearly VND 200 million.

Besides, the people discussed to hire excavators to build in-field roads, renovate the fields and contribute hundreds of working days to participate in the opening of rural roads. In addition, people in 4 villages contributed a total of more than VND 200 million to work together with the local authorities to build 5 rural roads. It is noteworthy that the Tinh Chau people have really considered themselves as an insider, the subject of the new rural construction process. Many farmers are poor, low-income, lonely families. However, they are still willing to donate land for community benefits. Not only mobilizing internal strength, Tinh Chau knows how to take advantage of resources from outside the locality. During the launching ceremony, the commune has received support from individuals and organizations with an amount of more than VND 70 million to build NTM.

Mr. Dao Duong Minh - Chairman of Tinh Chau Commune People's Committee said: With the spirit of not expecting and relying on the investment of the State, of the province, the district, the people of Tinh Chau commune unanimously overcame the initial difficulties by the main internal force of the locality. When making the policy of building new rural areas, from commune leaders to every citizen agreed. Based on the specific circumstances of the locality to have appropriate steps and steps, following the motto: easy-to-do and hard-to-follow criteria; must really promote democracy, so that the people can govern themselves and discuss decisions. For Tinh Chau, the immediate and essential task is to build a system of infrastructure to ensure the criteria set out.

Striving to the end of 2015, Tinh Chau commune will complete 19 criteria, gradually bringing a new face to the countryside.