Bim Son Vicem Cement

PCB 40 cement is a common mixed portland cement in areas with extreme weather conditions, contemplation areas or flooded areas in the Central.
A type of cement with high strength, uniform quality, suitable for all civil construction, industrial and infrastructure projects, as well as those requiring large concrete.
PCB 40 products have advantages that are suitable for construction of all constructions such as: roads, bridges, civil works, high-rise buildings, hydropower construction, and special constructions, etc. to prevent erosion in environments. , with high compressive strength, bending strength, high chemical stability, suitable for the climate of Vietnam.

Product details:
PCB is the conventional symbol for mixed portland cement.
Value: 40 is the limit of compressive strength of cement mortar samples after 28 days of curing in N / mm2.
- Fineness: 6 - 8%
- Color: blue gray - black
- Setting time: Starts about 110 ÷ 140 minutes
- Finish after: 3 ÷ 4 hours
- Intensity:
- Cement bags PCB 40 R28 = 45 ± 2 N / mm2
* Rate of aggregate for 1m3 concrete, masonry

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Đơn vị

Bê tông 
mác 250

Vữa xây 
mác 100

Xi măng




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Đá dăm 1x2



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* Note when preserving
- Cement to a dry place, more than 20cm from the ground and walls
- Do not put cement directly into the warehouse floor, do not load more than 10 bags
- Shipment which is manufactured first, used first.

* Note when using
- Use sand, stone and gravel to be clean, not salty.
- Dry mix cement with sand and stone before mixing water.
- Shielding rain and sun for the first 10 hours after pouring concrete, then perform a moisture regime of 20 days.