Dong Lam Cement

Dong Lam Cement PCB 40 is a mixture of portland cement produced by modern automated technology lines according to international standards, under the strict management and control of a team of leading industry experts. Cement industry of Vietnam. Dong Lam Cement Products PCB 40 has high intensity, high mortar ductility, high volume stability, good erosion resistance, bringing the value of Sustainable Quality for construction works.

Benefits of using Dong Lam Cement products
Dong Lam Cement Products PCB 40 - High quality, optimized physical and chemical components, offering outstanding features, suitable for all items of civil and industrial construction.
- Dong Lam Cement PCB 40 has a high fineness and an optimal particle size distribution, which makes it easier to apply, has better adhesion, and creates a smoother wall surface.
- Dong Lam Cement PCB 40 has high intensity that helps the owner, the investor save cement costs and construction costs.

User manual
- Use clean materials for mortar and concrete.
- Mix the mortar and concrete mixture well before adding the mixing water.
- The amount of water mixed enough to reach the required ductility.
- Use the mortar, concrete mixture right after mixing.
- Moisturizing after application.

Ratio of reference grades for concrete, Masonry mortar
Mác Bê Tông 200 250 300
Xi Măng             (kg) 293 314 390
Đá 10x20           (m³) 0.847 0.838 0.829
Cát                     (m³) 0.466 0.447 0.427
Nước                  (lít) 195 195 195
Mác Vữa 50 75 100
Xi Măng              (kg) 176 247 320
Cát                     (m³) 1.11 1.09 1.06
Nước                  (lít) 260 260 260