Long Son Cement

Cement PCB 40
Products of Portland cement mixture Civil PCB 40 Long Son helps increase the plasticity of concrete, enhance the waterproofing, anti-erosion for the environment, increase the sustainability over time, very suitable for the climate. tropical of Vietnam. Advantages of Portland Cement mixture Civil PCB40 Long Son.
  • The quality of Long Son Civil Cement PCB40 is always stable. In particular, the capital of cement always has a large residual, saving the amount of cement used.
  • Long Son Cement has a high initial strength development speed (R3, R7), helps to remove early formwork, shorten construction time, concrete with high final strength.
  • High sulfate resistance is more beneficial to the construction of underground works, water surface & saline areas. On the other hand, heat emission during construction is low, convenient for constructing large concrete blocks.
  • The content of free lime & MgO in cement is low, so it does not expand the volume after construction, the concrete product of mortar and plaster after using Long Son cement will not have phenomenon of cracking concrete blocks & cohesion. Partition structure after putting into use. The very low content of total R2O alkali in cement <0.6% eliminates the causes of corrosion & destroys concrete structures & masonry walls for buildings.
  • Long Son Cement PCB 40 is suitable for concreting roofs, beams, columns with high durability.
Technical data