Binh Son strives to build a new countryside.

The goal set out in the construction of a new countryside in Binh Son district by the end of 2015 is basically building successfully 3 new rural communes including Binh Duong, Binh Thoi and Binh Trung; in which Binh Duong commune met the standards in 2013, Binh Thoi commune reached the standard in 2014 and Binh Trung commune reached the standard in 2015. Next, in the period of 2016-2020, there will be 10 more communes and the period of 2021 - 2030 will be 11 communes. remaining in the area. In recent years, the district has instructed the communes to build a master plan, detailed plan for new rural construction; Every year there are specific plans, roadmaps and appropriate steps to implement. Especially, it is necessary to actively mobilize the people to participate in responding and promoting the resources of the people to build, consolidate and upgrade the infrastructure based on the orientation and support to create conditions from the side. Government. From many sources of mobilization, the district has invested over VND 176 billion, of which nearly VND 128 billion from the state budget invested in solid rural roads of 14.5 km, nearly 6 km of canals, repaired. repairing 12 dams, pumping stations, anti-landslide embankments; upgrading 22.4 km of 0.4 KV electricity; newly build 15 schools from kindergarten to junior high school and 7 rural markets. In addition, people also donate more than 36,600 m2 of land to build and upgrade roads and canals for travel and production. The district has also organized 31 vocational training classes and 106 training courses to transfer technical advances to nearly 7,700 turns of people; effective implementation of land consolidation, conversion of crop structure and many models of cultivation, animal husbandry, aquaculture ...

     Prominent after 2 years of implementation is Binh Duong commune, by June 2013, 12/19 criteria of new rural construction were completed. The commune has mobilized over VND 29.2 billion to invest in new rural construction; in which the state capital was supported over 6.5 billion dong, the rest was from the local budget and people contributed. Especially the family of Mr. Cao Ngoc Lien, the son of his hometown living in Ho Chi Minh City, has contributed about 18 billion VND to the commune to build a spacious 600 m2 central market, an anti-landslide embankment 160 m long riverside erosion, a solid bridge across the Tra Bong River and a mi ni park. Thanks to the rural appearance, the commune has prospered. The commune has also implemented land consolidation to change 197/356 hectares of rice and crop land, accounting for 55.3% of the production area with a budget of 1 billion 266 million VND from the local budget and the people contributed. Before accumulating and exchanging plots, on average, each household producing fragmented land on 6.4 land plots only has 1.6 land plots; create favorable conditions for application of technical measures, mechanization of soil preparation and harvesting. Some models such as the model of converting 50 hectares of low-yield rice land to growing chilli, models of hybrid rice production, technical rice seed on an area of ​​nearly 65 hectares and some other models with implementation cost of 800 million Dong has been effectively implemented from the national target program of new rural construction. Productivity and output of all kinds of crops in the commune have grown strongly after land consolidation. Most notably, there were 85 hectares of productive land giving an average income of VND 300 million / ha / year; about 100 hectares of productive land will reach an income of between VND 100 and 200 million / ha / year. The annual crop income of the commune reaches VND 40 - 41 billion. Mr. Le Minh Chinh, Chairman of Binh Duong People's Committee, said: In 2013, the commune concretized 7 roads with a length of more than 3.9 km, 3 canals nearly 2.2 km long, newly built 14 preschool classrooms, primary school with a number of other construction items with a total investment of about 18 billion VND to reach 4 more criteria to build new rural areas, bringing the number of criteria to 16 criteria. The remaining three criteria include cultural facilities, income and the rate of poor households striving to achieve in the 2014-2015 period.

Or as Binh Trung commune from 2011 to now has concreteized two roads connecting the town from Chau O to Dau Bau, from inter-commune roads Trung - Minh to neighbor 3 Tien Dao, solidified the pumping station canal. Sai Bridge, constructing new Tho Dinh Bridge project with an expense of over VND 2 billion 671 million, of which 40% is contributed by the people. The people have also contributed more than 345 million VND, donated about 4,000 m2 of land and demolished the gate fence, auxiliary works of all kinds to expand and upgrade some neighborhood roads, residential areas, and renew kindergarten. With the support of 130 million VND from the district, the commune has implemented the model of producing 19 hectares of hybrid rice and buying cows to help the extremely difficult households to have more conditions to improve their lives. In 2013, concreting roads from Ly lane to Lane even in Phu Le 2 village with a budget of over 1.8 billion; Preparing to start the construction of the fence of the gate of a cultural house yard worth nearly VND 2.2 billion. At the same time, there are plans to concretize the road linking Trung - Minh inter-commune road to Chi Hoa, solidify the canals of lines B3-8-2- Roc Chua, B3-7-2- Dong De, to build a treatment area. waste and implement land consolidation and exchange planning in the lands of Tho Dinh and Dong Sua. The commune strives to reach 3 more criteria for schools, residential houses and culture by the end of 2013.

     Building a new countryside is a program of general development of economy, culture and society, ensuring national defense and security; promoting people's ownership in all areas of life, Mr. Pham Hung, Vice Chairman of the District People's Committee, Deputy Head of Binh Son New Rural Construction Steering Committee emphasized. All 24 communes in the district in many ways, with appropriate steps, have mobilized resources to build infrastructure, mainly focusing on solidifying irrigation canals and concreting roads. rural traffic. Many communes do not expect and rely on the support of the State but have actively mobilized the participation of the people; Specifically, Binh Chuong commune has mobilized nearly 11,000 working days, over 2.4 billion to concretize nearly 10 km of roads; Binh Minh commune, people in residential area No. 22 in Loc Thanh village voluntarily donated more than 13,000 m2, cut down hundreds of trees, castor oil, brooch, acacia etc. to expand 2 km of road and Nhat Dong hamlet, commune Binh Minh has voluntarily donated land, cut off many kinds of fruit trees worth over VND 500 million to expand on 1.5 km of roads. There are localities in the past that were sluggish and slow, and have recently risen sharply. Typically, Binh My commune only in the second quarter of 2013 mobilized people to contribute over 3.5 billion VND of solid concrete for 6 3.5 km long roads. People in the commune also participated in over 700 working days, donating more than 1,000 m2 of land and cutting down many trees, dismantling auxiliary works to expand traffic. The district and localities are strengthening the propaganda, advocacy and actively socializing the construction investment, consolidation and upgrading works to serve the people's welfare.

From the results achieved, with the efforts and consensus of both the political system and the people, Binh Son district will successfully implement the national target program on building new rural areas according to the set targets.