Vicem promote domestic consumption of cement

Although there are nearly 2 months to end 2018, it can be confirmed that the business and production targets of the Vietnam Cement Industry Corporation (Vicem) have completed as planned.
Although the domestic market and the export of cement have grown, making cement production and trading enterprises reduce difficulties, but the competition for market share between brands has never cooled down. As the largest cement brand in Vietnam, Vicem is not out of the heat of that competition law.

One of the turning points in 2018 was the decision to renovate the packaging form of products. Although it has only been applied for about 1 month, agents, distributors and customers have been very well received. Many comments, the design of the new case is simple, but outstanding, easy to identify, durable and environmentally friendly.

From October 14, 2018, there are 10 Vicem member units including: Vicem Hai Phong, Vicem Hoang Thach, Vicem But Son, Vicem Bim Son, Vicem Hoang Mai, Vicem Tam Diep, Vicem Hai Van, Vicem Ha Long, Vicem Ha Tien and Vicem Song Thao simultaneously "changed clothes", changed to a new cover. After Vicem drastically removed the consumer partition, the change of the new shell design is the next move of the unit in the development and consolidation brand.

The whole system of Vicem includes 10 factories with 16 most modern technology lines in the world, annually producing over 20 million tons of clinker and more than 24 million tons of cement / year. So changing cement bags is recognized as an active effort to contribute to environmental protection, green - cleaner production, helping Vicem brand develop sustainably.

Overall evaluation of the market, experts commented, from now to the end of the year, domestic cement consumption will continue to increase due to favorable weather. Along with that, many construction projects, real estate are in the time of urgency to complete the cement consumption is quite favorable. In addition, the export market has eased more difficult than the previous period due to not facing competition from Chinese cement.

According to Vicem General Director Bui Hong Minh, in its development strategy, Vicem is trying to boost domestic consumption. Vicem aims, in the fourth quarter of 2018 will produce about 5.26 million tons of clinker, striving to bring the production of clinker in the year to 20,355 million tons, exceeding the target of 19,890 million tons.

At the same time, the production of cement in the fourth quarter is expected to reach nearly 7.4 million tons and it is estimated that the whole year 2018 will reach nearly 24.60 million tons; bringing the total consumption of products in the fourth quarter to over 8.2 million tons and Vicem's 2018 consumption is estimated at nearly 29.6 million tons, exceeding the plan.
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