The government requires limiting the export of cement

In Document No. 4721 / VPCP-CN dated May 21, 2018, the Government has requested the relevant ministries to propose solutions to improve the efficiency of using mineral resources for cement and restrict cement export. .
According to the VPCP, after receiving the report of the Vietnam Cement Association on the development of Vietnam's cement industry, on behalf of the Government, Deputy Prime Minister Trinh Dinh Dung gave the direction and request to the Ministry of Construction. , Ministry of Finance considers and proposes solutions to improve the efficiency of mineral resources, energy sources for cement production, increase labor productivity in the industry; at the same time restricting exports.

After 2010, due to declining domestic demand, Vietnam's cement industry has boosted exports to save a series of newly invested projects and is in the debt repayment cycle. The export output has been increasing continuously and up to now, there is a tendency to increase sharply because the countries in the region, especially China and Thailand, have advocated cutting production of this industry.
Cement is a manufacturing industry that needs to exploit a large amount of mineral resources (limestone, clay, additives ...) and consume huge power. On the other hand, the technological level and management of the cement industry are still at a very limited level, causing a huge waste of mineral resources. Low labor productivity, high energy consumption rate per ton of cement. After reviewing, the Government said that the cement industry would improve the efficiency of using resources and especially, it would be necessary to restrict cement export.

With this policy, Vietnamese cement manufacturers need to consider and adjust production strategies, focusing on the domestic market. In the long term, the domestic market is still the main and sustainable growth. Exporting is only a temporary solution, in fact it does not bring many benefits to the country in the long run.
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