Quang Ngai: Stabilizing construction material prices

According to many building material owners in Tam Ky City, Quang Ngai, more than a month ago was the hottest time of steel prices, due to the influence of a decision of the Ministry of Industry and Trade issued in early March 2016. Accordingly, the temporary tax rate for steel billets is now 23.3%, long steel is 14.2% in the form of additional import duties (previously the import tax was only at 10% for steel billets and 0 to 0.5% with long steel).
Mr. Nguyen Duy Hung (ADB resettlement area, Tan Thanh ward, Tam Ky city) has been building a house for more than a week now and is struggling in calling and finding good construction materials. “There are many construction materials, but finding a good price source is not a simple thing. Must find out, match prices continuously. However, today the material situation has been less stressful than two months ago when my friend started constructing the house. Meanwhile, the price of bricks, steel, cement fluctuated up and down, deposit was still called back and forth and changed the new price. Very stressful. "

Immediately after this decision, steel prices have risen sharply (from 10 to 15%), making businesses, owners of construction materials and consumers face difficulties. Customers must make deposits in advance to ensure timely delivery and limit the risk of price. Currently, prices of many construction materials have stabilized. On the market there are many types of construction bricks with the lowest price fluctuating 850 VND / piece and the highest is 1,400 VND / member. “More than a month ago, the factory shortage made us worried because there is not enough supply for customers. Brick type VND 1,400 / member pushed to VND 1,480 / piece but still fever. Now that the price is stable, we should return to the same price as the beginning of the season ”- the owner of Chin Phuong building materials business (Ly Thuong Kiet street, Tam Ky city) said. It is worth mentioning that, while tunnel brick lacks of goods, fever, the unburnt bricks are relatively sluggish, although the price is quite competitive.

Many construction materials were pushed up at the beginning of the season, causing many project owners to "bite their teeth" because of the excessive costs. Mr. Nguyen Duc Thuan (an engineer who supervises construction works in Tam Ky area) shared that in construction of big projects, cement and steel account for 30-40%, so when the price of construction materials increases, Especially, steel has made construction prices rise and broke plans of investors and contractors. Therefore, if not calculated or have an advance contract with the investor, the construction contractors will suffer losses or be shocked because the costs are too high. Although the rise and fall of the market are in accordance with the law of supply and demand, the authorities need to be supervised, adjusted and intervened in time to avoid speculation and arbitrary price increases that cause disadvantages for consumers. .
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