Department of construction materials forecast excess cement about 25 million tons

The Department of Construction Materials (Ministry of Construction) forecasts, with domestic consumption in 2016 expected to increase by 4%, the amount of excess cement about 25 million tons. And in the next 5 years, the design capacity of Vietnam's cement industry will reach 98.76 million tons / year.
According to data from the Industry and Trade Information Center (Ministry of Industry and Trade), by the end of the first 7 months of 2016, Vietnam's cement and clinker exports reached 8.97 million tons, the export value of cement. collected USD 335.12 million, down 6.2% in volume and 18.8% in value over the same period last year.

Currently, Vietnam ranks fifth after China, India, Iran and the United States in terms of cement production leading the world, when 6 new production lines come into operation this position may change. 3rd or 4th place.

In particular, analyzing the situation of the cement market in the past 7 months, the Industry and Trade Information Center said that the Philippines surpassed Bangladesh market to become the largest cement export market of Vietnam, accounting for 30%. Total export value. Export of cement and clinker to Bangladesh reached US $ 86.61 million, with an export volume of 2.90 million tons. Some potential export markets of Vietnam are Taiwan, Mozambique and Peru with high values.

According to the Vietnam Cement Industry Corporation (Vicem), in July 2016, the estimated production and consumption of the entire cement industry decreased slightly and the retail price of basic cement was stable compared to June 2016. . Total consumption of cement industry in July 2016 was estimated at 5.1 million tons (Vicem: 1.4 million tons), down about 0.2 million tons compared to June 2016.

Also according to Vicem's report, domestic cement prices in July and August 2016 were stable compared to June 2016. The reason is that the price of input materials and basic production costs are stable, so cement production and trading factories basically keep their selling prices stable.
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